Asset Protection Planning

Proactive wealth strategies.

Preserving accumulated wealth for future generations is often a primary estate planning objective.  Litigation, divorce, property claims, professional malpractice and other potential creditors often pose a threat to an individual’s net worth and the ability to transfer assets to intended beneficiaries.  In addition to estate and income tax exposure, asset protection is more important than ever as a means of keeping your assets protected from the risk of seizure by an adverse party.  Asset protection planning involves the process of advance organizing and planning to protect an individual’s assets.

GCK has experienced wealth preservation and estate planners who take the time to educate clients, determine their personal goals and help formulate a strategy to meet those goals, whether simple or more sophisticated.  As part of a carefully executed and integrated asset protection plan, GCK works with clients to both incorporate succession planning and re-title their assets when necessary.  Once the planning is complete, we assist clients in maintaining an annual review to accommodate changing needs. We strive to create long-term client relationships and to ensure that our clients’ financial goals are met throughout their lifetimes.

Asset protection services:

  • Business succession planning
  • Equity stripping
  • Family limited liability companies and family limited partnerships
  • Family office structuring
  • Foreign and domestic asset protection trusts
  • Gifting strategies
  • Life insurance planning