In 2022, the Chicago Bar Association’s publication, CBA Record, announced the Third Annual Flash Fiction Contest, designed to encourage attorneys and law students alike to flex their creative muscles in a world entrenched by legal arguments, footnotes, and citations. In prior years, winners have written short stories on topics such as litigating in a post-Covid digital age and appreciating life’s special moments.

GCK is proud to announce that in a year of “a record number of entries,” Partner Sandra D. Mertens’ 2022 submission was awarded the coveted First Place prize. Sandra’s story envisions what an escape room geared toward attorneys would look like, quickly pulling the reader into the setting while solving each clue step-by-step. The story highlights notable literature and anecdotes involving the practice of law; entertaining for attorneys and non-lawyers alike.

The January-February 2023 edition of the CBA Record is presently available here, and Sandra’s article (appearing on pages 29-30) is available by clicking the link below.

Unlocking the Heart of the Law (published CBA Record January-February 2023)

Sandra Mertens
[email protected]