Probate and Trust Administration

Experience counts with family matters.

For nearly 25 years, GCK has provided guidance to families navigating the sensitive and challenging area of the administration of a loved one’s will or trust and, if necessary, probate.  We understand the multitude of issues surrounding a loved one’s passing and seek to serve as a trusted advisor and administrator, guiding family members through the probate and trust administration process in a thorough, sensitive, and comforting manner.

GCK’s lawyers strive to simplify the administration of the decedent’s estate or trust by working closely with the appointed representative to collect the decedent’s assets, pay or negotiate debts and notify creditors and beneficiaries. We also work closely with the administrator, executor and/or trustee to prepare the required administration documents, such as an initial inventory and annual accounting of the assets of the trust and/or estate.

If probate becomes necessary, GCK’s goal is to keep the proceedings moving forward in an expeditious and reasonable manner to minimize the cost and expense of administration.  This often includes assisting the administrator or executor in preparing the documents necessary to open the probate estate, and providing guidance in paying claims and distributing the estate’s assets. We also attend any required court hearings and, when ready, prepare the documents necessary to close the probate estate and obtain an official discharge of the court-appointed administrator.

Probate administration services:

  • Beneficiary representation
  • Estate tax return preparation
  • Executor and trustee representation
  • Guardianships
  • Probate and trust administration
  • Small estate administration
  • Trust disputes
  • Will contests