Tax Controversy and Representation

When resolving difficult and complex matters, experience counts.

Although much uncertainty remains about future changes to the federal and state tax codes, in the interim, governmental taxing agencies are conducting business as usual. As our clients attest, a call from the Internal Revenue Service or Illinois Department of Revenue can trigger alarm and confusion. To ease these pressures, we provide our clients with peace of mind that there is a solution to every problem, and that we will work alongside them to resolve their issues.

For nearly 25 years, GCK has represented taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, Illinois Department of Revenue, Illinois Department of Employment Security, and other government taxing agencies.  As one of the largest tax controversy practices in Illinois, GCK clients rest assured knowing that we have the necessary experience and expertise to handle the matter regardless of the type of tax or dollar amount involved.

GCK’s tax controversy services include:

  • Consultation and guidance
  • Examination preparation, and representation
  • Defense of criminal and fraud investigations and indictments
  • Foreign account disclosures
  • Income, estate, trust, sales, employment, and excise tax audits
  • License or business registration revocation matters
  • Payment plan management
  • Penalty and interest abatement
  • Petitions for Offers in Compromise
  • Requests for tax lien releases and subordinations
  • Requests for tax levy releases
  • Responsible officer liability defense
  • Tax collections defense
  • Appellate representation
  • Tax court representation

Federal Tax Experience

GCK’s lawyers represent businesses and individuals in audits, from the initiation of the examination, through Appeals and United States Tax Court.  We also defend fraud and criminal tax investigations, Bank Secrecy Act and structuring cases, and other financial and white collar offenses. We work closely with clients to develop proactive resolutions whenever possible.

If a tax liability has been assessed, we help clients identify options including installment agreements, Offers in Compromise, or penalty abatement requests. If collection action has begun, we work with IRS revenue officers to bring our clients back into compliance. Should the matter escalate to criminal tax charges, we have the capability to navigate the criminal tax system as well.

State Tax Experience

GCK’s lawyers represent business and individuals in tax matters involving the State of Illinois and its taxing agencies. Targeted by the State for the challenges of cash management, we have represented many cash-intensive businesses in sales tax audits. We regularly defend officers and owners from responsible officer liability for which we attempt to minimize sales tax liability and any proposed personal assessment.

Because the State of Illinois also can levy a taxpayer’s bank account and wages and file a tax lien, we negotiate payment plans and represent taxpayers before the Illinois Board of Appeals about petitioning for Offers in Compromise and penalty and interest abatement.