Tax Exempt and Nonprofit Entities

Experience matters, when advising organizations.

GCK assists clients with the formation and management of various tax exempt and nonprofit entities which includes work for foundations, religious institutions, academic institutions, and other social nonprofit organizations, as each have unique business needs based on their tax-exempt status.

GCK assists clients with the formation and management of these entities including securing federal and state tax exemption certification, related compliance matters, and managing the entities’ governance and operational matters.

GCK represents numerous tax exempt and nonprofit organizations including the Wisdom Foundation and the U.S. and International Karma Kagyu Buddhist organizations.  The scope of work includes operations, real estate, and intellectual property management matters.  GCK’s lawyers also serve as senior strategists and advisors to several global nonprofit and tax exempt organizations’ global leadership.

Tax exempt organization and nonprofit experience includes:

  • Entity formation and management
  • Federal and state tax exemption certification
  • Compliance and risk mitigation
  • Corporate governance
  • Day to day operations
  • Real estate procurement and management
  • Intellectual property management